Create a copy of your landbot in the Builder version 3 ("bricks")

Now is available the option to create a copy of your bot in version 3, so you don' need to create it from scratch, in this guide we want to clarify how will be the process and clarify your doubts:

How can I create a copy for builder v3?

Once inside your bot you will see a button on the top right corner, click and a copy will be created

What is going to happen to my bot?

Your bot will remain as it is. We will create just a copy that is partially compatible* with the new builder

*check Known Issues section below

It will not affect your current bot, it will stay the same. The new bot will have a new URL and a new ID. And the bot you have in production or embed will stay as it is. The new bot will have the NEW BUILDER sign.

Where I can find the copy?

As you do normally when you copy a bot, the new bot is going to have the same name but starting with "Copy of"

Known Issues with "migrated copies"

Not supported Blocks:

There are some blocks that due to their nature won't be available in the new builder or need to be updated, here is a list of all of those, that in the new version copy will have to be set again.

Blocks that do not exist in v3:
  1. Callback
  2. Keyword Jump
  3. Jump bot

Blocks that need to be created from scratch in v3:
  1. Set a Variable
  2. Notifications (if Slack and Email notification where in the same block)
  3. Human Takeover (if there is no Simple Flow)

Blocks that need to be reset in v3:
  1. Webhook

All those webhooks that used callback block to deal with responses, in the new Webhook block will need to be set up. Keyword routing is deprecated.

Connections from not supported blocks will disappear

Connections TO those not supported blocks will remain but the output arrows need to be created again

{html} tags in messages will become plain text visible to the user

In the new version of the message blocks it will understand html tags, so it needs to change {html} and {/html} for <html> and </html>

* bold * tags will need to be redone

The new text editor brings the Bold option

Flow analytics is not currently available

We are still working and it will be ready

Bot jump from or to v3 bots are deprecated

Due to the nature of Bricks, complex flows can be built inside other bots and inside bricks making easier to connect flows under the same bot, and delivering a better experience to user and to the bot maker

Graphic overlap

The location of the blocks will be very similar to the current one, however as the size of some blocks is different, some blocks will be on top of others, and you might need to move them to be able to see them

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Once the copy is done it doesn't allow me to preview or save and publish.

If you have "Aliens" blocks that need to be recreated the bot cannot be saved or previewed. To fix it look for the Alien blocks like the one in the picture below:

I'm trying to create a Copy and there is an error that says: AN ERROR OCURRED WHILE PROCESSING THE REQUEST :(

It could be a "TimeOut error", it means that due to a slow connection the process took too long for the servers to process. Please make sure that the process is done with good connection and without interruptions

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