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1: WhatsApp Official API Integration FAQs 🎯

Landbot now provides access to the Official API WhatsApp Business integration, learn more below!

Can't wait to try out the new integration? Request access by talking to this landbot!


Landbot finally teams up with WhatsApp to provide the Official API Integration. Reach +1 billion users by integrating the World's #1 Instant Messaging app. Forget about banned numbers, delayed or lost messages and limited functionality, the official integration is here and it allows you to efficiently communicate with your users, in the right channel, at the right time!

Use Cases

  • Notifications. Remind about abandoned cards or confirm orders with a +70% open rate.
  • Customer Support. Help your customers through their favourite channel that guarantees the highest level of contactability.
  • Alerts. Notify relevant updates to your customers, making sure they get the information right when they need it.


What's the pricing of the integration?

The pricing depends on a few factors: volume of monthly active users, number of agents, etc.

Please contact sales for a custom quote or drop a message in the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Are you using WhatsApp’s official API?

Yes! Landbot uses the WhatsApp’s official API to integrate the most popular instant messaging app. Under constant improvements, the reliability is fantastic and generates a frictionless experience for your users.

Can I use my current WhatsApp number?

Yes. Once your brand has been approved by WhatsApp, you can request to integrate any of your current numbers through the official API so your current users won’t be affected. Note that the official WhatsApp API is not compatible with Android, iPhone, or Business Application versions of WhatsApp. Which means that once your account has been migrated to the official API, you'll be no longer able to use it on your phone.

What if I need to change my phone?

You can change your phone and use your WhatsApp Business number on your new phone, just like you would do with your personal WhatsApp.

Does my phone need to be on all the time?

No, even if your phone is off, the bot will be still sending and receiving messages.

Does it work on WhatsApp Web?

The platform and the official API are not compatible with WhatsApp Web, so you will need to use Landbot to handle all conversations.

How do I upload a Profile picture and description?

Share with us your logo and business details and we will upload them for you. Profile Photo: We recommend 640x640 pixels in JPG format. Maximum size 5MB.

Can I make or receive calls on my WhatsApp number?

No, you can't make or receive WhatsApp calls when your number is integrated with the official API.

When can I reach out to users?

You can reach out to users who already opted-in for your number at any time. If they reach out to you, you have 24 hours to provide a reply. After 24 hours, you need to use an HSM template if you want to reach out to them.

What is the opt-in and how it works?

The opt-in is the consent users give you to receive messages in WhatsApp. It needs to be done via a third-party channel. You can learn more about opt-ins and how it works here.

What is an HSM template?

Highly Structured Messages are template messages your company can define and, once approved by WhatsApp, use them to reach out to users after 24 hours from their first contact or in bulk.

What is the ‘green tick’ and how to get it?

The ‘green tick’ is the official profile sign provided by WhatsApp for internationally well-known brands or those with a high volume of messages exchange. Among other advantages, it prevents users from reporting you as spam.

To become a verified account - what Facebook calls 'the green tick' - each company needs to go through a specific request process. This means that having a channel integrated with WhatsApp's official API isn't enough to get the green tick - verified account. To get it, we need to make a specific request to WhatsApp.

The basic criteria for acceptance is that the brand must be internationally known, or be transacting 500+ messages a day over the API.

Let us know if you want to proceed with this process, we will be happy to assist!

Is there any contract commitment?

Our WhatsApp integration comes with a 12-month subscription commitment, but our Sales team can work on a custom proposal adapted to your business’ needs.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via debit/credit card and bank transfers. We use Stripe, a well-established, secure, credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payment.

Which industries can request the official integration?
  • Non-approved industries: Real cash gaming (gambling), adult content, alcohol/ tobacco /drug products/supplements, healthcare, healthcare insurance, debt collection, government, media.
  • Approved industries: Agency & Consulting, Marketing Agency, Ecommerce, Consulting, Agency, SaaS, Financial Service, Internet and telecom, Education, HHRR, Real State.
I've just built a WhatsApp bot, now how do I test my integration?

You can test your official WhatsApp integration by sending a message in WhatsApp (text anything) to the official phone number, after registering it in your phone contacts.

Even if the number it's your own number, if you register it in your contacts, you can send a WhatsApp message to yourself!

What is an AUC/WAUC?

Any number of sent and/or received messages exchanged between a unique end-user and a WhatsApp channel during a billing cycle.

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