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Just a few years ago, Landbot was born as a tool to realize amazing conversational landing pages, pop-up, and live chatbots. πŸ‘Ά

Growing up, we started integrating it with WhatsApp, thus opening to a whole new world of exciting possibilities! 🌎

But we knew from the start that WhatsApp bots don't speak exactly the same language as web bots. πŸ’¬

Why is that? πŸ€”

Of course, WhatsApp has its native User Interface (UI) that doesn't allow some of the features we're used to seeing in Landbot.

For instance in WhatsApp, the end-user only has a text input, and some other options like emojis, gifs, sending audio messages, attachments, contacts, and real-time localization.

Some things that you normally do when using WhatsApp are not possible when you are chatting with a bot, for example, the end-user will be able to send an audio message, emojis, gifs, attachments and pictures, even a youtube video, but won't be able to send your localization or a contact.

Some other things are only possible in web bots and NOT in WhatsApp due to its UI.

Here you have the full list of features that can't be used, that work partially or are displayed differently in WhatsApp bots.

Features that don’t work:

- Autocomplete

- Address

- Picture Choice

- Persistent Menu

- Code

- Stripe Integration

- Analytics integration


-Scale block

Features that work partially:

- Goodbye: DOESN’T displays social share buttons.

- Media: the bot DOES send pictures, youtube links, audio messages, BUT NOT Gifs (which are displayed as a link to Giphy)

- Dynamic Data: CAN be displayed as a list of choices (the same as the β€œbuttons” block) but CAN NOT be displayed as an autocomplete/picture choice.

Features that work but are displayed differently:

- Buttons: since WhatsApp doesn't allow buttons, those will be displayed as a numbered list of choices, so the valid answer to this type of questions will be typing the number corresponding to your choice.

Design section:

- Not available at all (WhatsApp doesn't change its native UI)!

Not available in the Settings section:

- Typing emulation

- Custom responses

- Seo & Tracking

- Hidden fields

Not available in the Analytics section:

- Flow analyticsΒ 

Please remember that we are currently working on the WhatsApp integration to improve the compatibilities and achieve the best results possible, so this list will be regularly updated. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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