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Things you can do with a bot template

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Here are things you can do with a bot template!

Speed up development

If you are an agency serving multiple clients, this is a great way to reuse your bots in other Landbot accounts.

Do note that anyone with the link can access your template. If you want to avoid unwanted access, be careful whom you share the link with. For maximum security, you can also do the following

  1. After the template is imported to your intended account. Go back to your original account (that created the template)
  2. Open the bot > Share > Share as a template > Delete
  3. Now the link will be disabled (it doesn't affect the bots already loaded in other accounts).

Earn affiliate commissions

We want our users to share templates with the world, so more people can find Landbot. In return, we want to reward you with affiliate commissions if your templates bring in new users.

Here's how:

  1. If you haven't already, join Landbot Affiliate Program first (if you have already, you can skip to step 2)
  2. Go to your PartnerStack dashboard & make sure you are viewing Landbot's program
  3. Go to Links tab > Create a new link
  4. In Redirects to field, enter your template sharing url (
  5. In Your custom referral link, enter anything you want to be your referral link slug for this particular template.
  6. Click Create
  7. Now you can find your custom referral link by scrolling the page down to Links section. Share this link with the world πŸš€
    1. You get a reward every time the user who signed up through your referral link becomes a paying customer.
    2. If a user signed up via your original template sharing link (and not referral link)-> They won't get tracked as a referral, which means you won't get rewarded.
    There are many reasons why referrals don't get tracked (ad-blocker, wrong link shared, referral use different devices to complete sign up, etc). In most cases, we CANNOT add the reward retroactively.
  8. Repeat for any other template you want to earn affiliate commissions on.

You can create referral link for templates not created by you. However:

  • You are NOT allowed to pretend to be the creator.
  • If the original creator wants the referral link removed, we'll disable your links.
For more info about our Affiliate Program, check out this article.
Sell template online

You can sell your bot templates online using services like Gumroad or Sellfy.

Please note that you need to promote the templates yourself. Our team at Landbot cannot help you with promotion or distribution. We also cannot give you any marketing advice.

In the future, we will open template submissions so high-quality templates will be featured and made discoverable by every Landbot user.

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