New builder - FAQs

  1. How do I find the different type of Blocks?

You can scroll down to see all the available blocks that you can choose:

  1. I only see three tabs, where are the rest of the bot's sections?

The Design and Settings sections have moved to the side of the Builder:

  • Design: all the same options have remained as before

  • Settings: the biggest change here is the addition of the Hidden fields

  1. What's the Bricks panel?

The last option of the left menu shows where your bricks will be stored.

And if you enter the panel you will see your current bricks, and will be able to import bricks that you created in different bots:

You can only import bricks created inside your account. The possibility to exchange bricks from one account to another is still a work in progress.

  1. Can bots or flows be imported into bricks?

At the moment it's not possible to import bots created in the previous Builder, nor flows. But it will be possible very soon.

  1. What is the difference between String, Number and Date format variable and in which cases I use them?

Now we you create a variable you can choose what format it will have, based on your case you can select:

  • String: use it when you need to store text.
  • Number: as its name says, perfect for working with numbers
  • Date: thanks to our new system variables, working with dates, for example while making reservations, you can perform easier calculations

  1. Can I still add HTML?

Yes, you can still work with code inside the messages:

But if you plan on working with more complex things, then you better select the new JS code block:

  1. For what is the select all blocks option for?

You can now select multiple blocks and delete them at once.

We are looking into expanding the possibilities of this option.

  1. What can I do with the Permissions option?

Finally you can restrict what your agents see and do inside Landbot:

From having admin right, to only being able to answer chats, here you can set up what your agents will be able to do:

This option is only available with the Business plan

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