September 2019 news & updates

Moving multiple blocks (at the same time)

Small but huge improvement for building faster complex flows! At last, you can now move several blocks at the same time in the canvas!

And how you wonder? Just select the blocks you want to move (to select a block: hover over the block and click in the āœ… "check" close to the block title) and move it around the canvas.

Bricks output renaming

Now you can rename the bricks outputs to ensure you understand easily which content they'll trigger or where they're going.

How? Open a brick and just click into one output to edit its name. If you go the upper level of the bot you will see is output renamed.

September 17, 2019

WhatsApp Bots

We already finished the WhatsApp Business integration in our new builder so if you already own a WhatsApp Business number at Landbot, you can create bots from scratch taking profit of our most powerful features (webhooks, integrations, calculations with variables, etc.) to scale the communication with your users.

Email follow-up

When an agent answers to an offline contact, their response will be sent via email to the contact.

Bonus! If the contact answers by email it will be also sent to the Landbot channel, ensuring the agent can get all the information together.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • If you hover over a connection this will change of color, being easier to see it in the canvas when you have multiple connections overlapping.

  • If you double click over a connection the "delete" button will be always visible so that it will be easy to find it and use it.
  • Solved an issue with the chats v2 bot launcher, that crashed the bot launched after the user interacted with its welcome message.

Coming Up

  • Dialogflow integration.
  • WhatsApp Campaigns and Playground.
  • Human takeover redesign from scratch.
  • Several UX improvements in Bricks.
  • Filters for chats.
  • Chats in mobile version.
  • Better mobile experience for landbots (Landbot v3).
  • Goals 0.2.

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