OLD BUILDER - Jump to other bot (currently disabled)

Warning: This feature is currently disabled. If you are using Landbot for Web, please migrate to the new builder to keep using this feature.

Avoid giant flows and take advantage of this new feature to connect different chatbots while keeping your builder tidy!

Jump to other bot type blocks are only available on premium plans.
  1. To create a Jump to other type block, select it from the Power-ups menu in the builder:
  2. Now, you have to define which Landbot you want to link at that point of the flow, and on which specific block you want the transfer to take place:

There are many ways of using our Jump to other bot feature. Think of having a NPS chatbot you can connect every regular landbot with at the end. Or a feedback landbot to gather your visitor's opinion without having to repeat the same block over and over again. 

Please note you can't jump to the Start Message of a bot. You need to select any other block from its flow. 

Endless possibiities! 🔥

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