Adding Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to Your Landbot

With AdWords conversion tracking you can see how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity. This article explains how to create a conversion action to track customer actions on your Landbot.

  1. The first step is going to your Adwords account:
  1. Now, click on Conversion
  1. Select the kind of conversation you want to track:

  1. Now, set up the tag you want to add to your Landbot

  1. Select the first option of the Global site tag list (if you haven't installed the global site tag on your website): 
  1. In your Landbot account go to SETTINGS > SEO & TRACKING > Custom Tracking Snippets and Paste the “Adwords Global Site Tag” into that field:

  1. Add the “Page load” code in the “thank-you message” of your landbot (when you want to trigger the conversion after capturing the email or the interesting data for your business):

  1. Check it with Google Tag Assistant chrome extension:


You should be good to go! 

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