Flow Analytics

With Flow Analytics, you can track the block-by-block conversion and drop-off ratio in any landbot, learn how!

Here's what it looks like from the app:

You'll find the Flow Analytics section inside your landbot editor, just click  Analyze > Flow Analytics and you'll find something like the above image. 

The information provided is divided into 2 big groups:

  1. Block by block conversion. That number you see over every blue arrow shows the percentage of people that, when reached that block, followed each path. 
  2. Block drop-off. Red arrows show you the drop-off metric AKA the percentage of visitors leaving the flow at that specific point. Please, note that for consecutive Send a Message blocks, the drop-off will always be 0%.

Finally, if you hover any percentage you'll see the absolute number of visitors that have chosen that path, like this:

We'll keep adding more and more features to the Flow Analytics section of landbot so you can take your chatbot optimization to the next level, stay tuned!

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