OLD BUILDER - Embedding Faq's & How-To's

This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

What configuration allows it to pop up automatically when someone is on the page?

For those using the widget embed, if you want automatically launch the Livechat as soon as the site loads, add the following code below the index line:

index: 'https://landbot.io/u/<YOUR BOT>/index.html',

add the following line:

open: true,

How can I change the picture in the widget bubble?

To customize the picture in the widget, below the following line:

index: 'https://landbot.io/u/<YOUR BOT>/index.html',

Add this code:

launcherOptions: { type: 'image', color: '#de4561', shape: 'default', scale: 0.55, image: '<URL of the PICTURE IN SVG FORMAT', },

In case you have any question or doubt related to embedding, please contact us, through the contact form

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