Get a timestamp according to a defined TimeZone

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We have built a Brick with a flow ready to be used, this will retrieve a timestamp from the timezone you select and format it as you want, you only need to do the following:

  1. Import the brick:

  1. Connect it to your flow:
  1. Enter the brick:

  1. Select your time zone and use it in "Set variable":

You can check here for a list of time zones to make sure you're using the correct formatting

  1. Select your date format from the list below:

You can change the order and remove any part of the timestamp, below the "Set variable" is a library of different ways to format the time zone, in the example below I'll use the "LL" format:

  1. Enter the webhook and click "Create" and save "timestamp" as a "string" variable

You'll then have the variable ready to use!

Here's a look at the flow:

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