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This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

If your landbot doesn't send messages, what's the point? Learn the basics of Chatbot Building

(If you're more of a visual person, check this video:)

Send Message blocks allow you to send text, emojis, images (PNG, JPG, GIF) and YouTube videos to your visitors with a couple of clicks:

Below the text area you'll find some buttons:

  • Variables: use them to dynamically add already collected data from your users to your messages. E.g.: "How are you today, @name?" will display the visitor's name at the end. Click on Variables to open a drop-down of the fields available, but make sure you don't add a dynamic field you don't know yet or it will not show!

  • Bold: When clicked, it will create two asterisks (*) for you. Put them before and after every word(s) you want to bold. E.g.: "*Bold text*" will be displayed "Bold text".
  • Italic: When clicked, it will create two low bars (_). Put them before and after every word(s) you want to make italic. E.g.: "_Italic text_" will be displayed "Italic text".
  • HTML: When clicked, it will create two HTML tags (<html> and </html>). Put them before and after the piece of HTML code you want to execute to make sure it works but won't be displayed as regular text.
  • Image: Click on the fourth icon to add an image. You can browse any JPG, PNG or GIF file!
  • YouTube: Add a YouTube's URL to natively embed a video inside a message block. 

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