Send a Message

If your landbot doesn't send messages, what's the point? Learn the basics of Chatbot Building

(If you're more of a visual person, check this video:)

Send Message blocks allow you to send text, emojis, images (PNG, JPG, GIF) and YouTube videos to your visitors with a couple of clicks:

Below the text area you'll find some buttons:

  • Variables: use them to dynamically add already collected data from your users to your messages. E.g.: "How are you today, @name?" will display the visitor's name at the end. Click on Variables to open a drop-down of the fields available, but make sure you don't add a dynamic field you don't know yet or it will not show!

  • Bold: When clicked, it will create two asterisks (*) for you. Put them before and after every word(s) you want to bold. E.g.: "*Bold text*" will be displayed "Bold text".
  • Italic: When clicked, it will create two low bars (_). Put them before and after every word(s) you want to make italic. E.g.: "_Italic text_" will be displayed "Italic text".
  • HTML: When clicked, it will create two HTML tags (<html> and </html>). Put them before and after the piece of HTML code you want to execute to make sure it works but won't be displayed as regular text.
  • Image: Click on the fourth icon to add an image. You can browse any JPG, PNG or GIF file!
  • YouTube: Add a YouTube's URL to natively embed a video inside a message block. 

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