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What is a Landbot?

Landbot is a conversation that lives on your website. It can be a fullscreen conversation, a banner or just a live chat like with a widget. It's based on a CUI - Conversational User Interface - rather than NLP or ML. With buttons and other elements, we're able to better match user expectations, increase engagement and, finally, improve conversion!

Can I embed Landbot into my website?

Sure thing! You can embed landbot on any website by just inserting an HTML snippet. You can choose between three different formats: Fullpage, Popup, Embed, Livechat. Here further info.

Where can I inject the script tags in Landbot?

In the Design/Advanced/Add Js section.

What is a Teammate?

A Teammate is a user allowed to log into the app with his/her own credentials. Additional Teammates in Premium plans have a monthly cost that varies accordingly to your plan.

Is there a limit to the data I can collect?

If you're on a Sandbox plan, each month you can collect any data of up to 10 chats from as many landbots as you like. 

Need more chats? Upgrade to a Premium account to have unlimited chats. 

What can I do with my data once it's collected?

It's super easy to get your data out of Landbot when you need it. You can download data as an Excel (.csv) file, or use Zapier to do things with your data as it's collected. 

Save time and automate tasks by forwarding data to any URL you choose. It's called Webhooks, learn more here.

How much coding knowledge is required to use Landbot?

Zero! Building a landbot is as easy as dragging and dropping blocks, typing in messages and questions and connecting them with lines. Take advantage of our chatbot and design templates to have your landbot setup in minutes!

We provide you with the code and link you’ll need to embed or share your landbots (learn more), and it’s super easy to view and export your data.

But, if you like coding, take advantage of our Dev tools to customize your landbot, add extra functionalities to it or natively integrate it with any system! Learn more

What's landbot pricing?

In Landbot we offer 4 different pricing plans (each plan includes every feature in the previous plan):

  • Sandbox (free, limited to 100 chats per month).
  • Starter (conditional logic and Messenger integration).
  • Professional (remove branding, take over conversations as a human, spreadsheet Integration).
  • Business (all the features included in the previous plans + possibility of WhatsApp integration).
Please, click on your Avatar from the Dashboard and select Subscription in the drop-down menu to discover all our pricing plans and the features included in each

Which payments methods do you accept?

Landbot is a prepaid online service, so all services are paid for upfront and before use by credit or debit card. We can’t support purchase orders, payments by PayPal, or send you an invoice that requests payment. However, manual invoices are available for users on the Business plan.

After any order or payment, an invoice/receipt detailing the transaction, and showing it’s been paid, is sent to the billing email address for your account.

We accept the following credit and debit cards:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
Are there discounts for yearly plans?

Oh yes! If you pay for a year in advance you save a 30% compared to paying per month. That means you get 12 months for less than the price of 10 months.

If I need a hard copy of a document needed by my company, how can I make this request?

Sometimes the Financial or Legal department of any company may need documents to get approval to get a service, or for tax purposes.

Landbot has the possibility to send any documentation that our Legal team approves, but the delivery expenses will have to be paid beforehand by the customer.

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