OLD BUILDER - Build a URL that has variables from user answers

This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

Some Landbot users, want to redirect it's users at the end of the flow to a site. A site that can catch Url parameters and adapt the content and design according to these values, for a 1 to 1 personalisation, and would be great if some information (like name and so on) that the user has provided already, can be "passed" through this url.

Let's say for example that you have a shop, and you want to redirect the users to a specific site, but in the bot, you asked already their favourite colour (blue) and the gender (female). So the url that you want to build will something like this: www.myshop.com/models?color=blue&gender=female

Here is a step by step guide on how to build redirect urls with user variables, to build this DEMO :

The flow in the builder is shown below:

  1. First we need to store an input from the user in a variable, in this case we will store it a variable called "@query"

  1. After, to build the url, we are going to use an Ask A Question block, with 1 button.

We will set up the button as a Link

  1. To build the URL, we will add the variable @query, as below:


As you can see to add the @query as a variable we did like this: @{query}. It's important to follow the order: @{THENAMEOFTHEVARIABLE}

These scripts and how to's are not native functionalities. Landbot won't be able to support, help or guarantee these scripts and how to's. These Workarounds and How to's are for developers, as a learning and example material on how to extend or modify some of the platform limitations.  Due to platform updates, some scripts might stop working in the future.Please, note that in case of Scripts and Workaround the Custom Success Team can deliver limited support.

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