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It's a section available only for Business plans!

Are you wondering what is WhatsApp Business?

You can find it in Channels, by clicking in your Dashboard's left bar, on the WhatsApp logo.

The Channels section will display two subsections: WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Playground.

If you don't have a WhatsApp Business, you'll see a request Early Access button, from which you can request the official WhatsApp integration directly to us! πŸ€—

By clicking on Request Early Access, you will speak briefly with a bot, then our team will revise your request and get in touch with you!

If after speaking with us your request has been approved and your official phone number activated, this is what you're going to see:

Each one of your Business number pages will be divided in 3 sections: My account, Get Subscribers and Campaigns.

My account / General

If you click on the business number box, you will open the section of My Account / General:

Here you will see:

  • The Name of your channel, which can be your phone number or the name under which your company is registered to use the Official WhatsApp API.
  • Then you have the Linked Bot: you're able to choose which bot you want to connect to your official WhatsApp channel and change it any time you want.
  • Finally you'll have the list of My Message Templates.

Message templates or HSM Templates are messages that you can pro-actively send to your subscribed users after 24 hours from their last contact.

Click on this link to learn more about HSM templates and how to use them!

Remember that these message templates need to be requested and approved, so reach out to our team if you want to get one!

On the right side you have your channel's info:

  • Activation. The date your brand was approved by WhatsApp.
  • Linked number. Here's the full phone number + prefix.

Get subscribers

In the Get Subscribers section, this is what you'll see:

If you don't have any Snippets, what you'll see will be an explanation about how to get subscribers in WhatsApp to be able to send them Template Messages.

By clicking on "Configure a new snippet" you can create and customize a Snippet to integrate into your website.

If you already created some Snippets, the page will look like this:

Wandering what is a Snippet and how to configure it? Read this article on How to Get Subscribers in WhatsApp


It's the third section of your WhatsApp business.

Having Campaigns helps you track your conversation, segment your subscribed users, schedule and direct your pro-active messages the way that suits you the best.

If you don't have any active campaign, this is what you're going to see:

You can create a Campaign by clicking on the New Campaign button.

If you already have active campaigns, your page will look like this:

You'll see the full list of your campaigns with its name, launch date and metrics resume.

Here you have an article entirely dedicated to the Campaigns Section, you can't miss it!

Still not sure if WhatsApp business is for you? You can still use a Playground to get a feel o what an official WhatsApp integration feels like!
Read this article dedicated to WhatsApp Playground to know how it works!

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