Downgrade Plan or Cancel Subscription

Need to downgrade your plan or cancel your subscription? Learn how to do it in this article.

All Premium plans are recurring, regardless if monthly or yearly. If you wish to unsubscribe without getting charged again, you must downgrade your plan before your prepaid period ends. 

It is necessary to follow the whole procedure to downgrade the account, including answering the final survey. If you stop before finishing all the steps, your request will not be processed.

Downgrade Plan

Need to take a step back from the features you currently have in your plan? We will explain everything about the process and how to do it in this article.

In case you want to know more about the features of the plan you will downgrade to, check out our pricing and plans page.

Cancel Subscription

If you are sure you want to cancel your subscription, you just have to downgrade to the Sandbox plan, which is our free plan.

In the Sandbox plan you will not be charged anymore, and your account and bots will remain active just waiting for you to subscribe again 😊

Just keep in mind that if you bot has features from Premium plans, they will stop working, and some limitations of the Sandbox plan will be applied to your account.

How to Downgrade

It is possible to downgrade your plan in the Subscription section of your account 😉

When in your Dashboard, click on your Avatar in the lower left side of your screen, and select the option Subscription.

You will be taken to the Subscription section, where you can see your current plan and invoices. Click on the ( + ) to open all options of plans:


Choose the plan you want to downgrade to, and click on Downgrade:

PS, if you do not see the Downgrade button, click on the ( + ) button to open more options, and you will be able to see it 😉


Once you have chosen the plan, for security reasons we have to confirm your user information and credit card details once more.

Don't worry, in case you are downgrading to the Sandbox plan (Cancelation of subscription), you will not be charged at all.

PS: At this stage you will be able to see the new price of your plan 👍


You will be taken to the final screen, that shows the billing information of the plan you will Downgrade to.

This final step will show how much you will be charged for the plan (in case you still have a Premium plan), for additional Seats (Teammates) and the final price.

Once you confirm all the information, click on Downgrade.


To finish the Downgrade process, you must answer the Survey of why you are downgrading. Don't worry, this is also standard procedure, and you are free to write anything you want 😅. Click on Send once you are done.

Right after you send the Survey, you will see the confirmation of the Downgrading process.

Please not that your account will only be downgraded at the end of the current billing cycle. That means if you have until the end of the cycle to enjoy the features of the old plan.


In the end you will be redirected to the Subscription section, where you will see all the information of your plan, such as:

  • The remaining period in your current plan.
  • When your next plan starts (the one you downgraded to).
  • Your recent invoices.

Delete Account


Please make sure to downgrade to Sandbox plan before deleting the account to stop being charged.

Please keep in mind that after you delete your account, it is not possible to recover your bots and any data related to the account, so if you need a backup, just Downgrade to Sandbox plan, following the procedure we explained in this article.

If you definitely want to delete the account, when in your Dashboard, click on your Avatar in the lower left side of your screen, and select the option Company.

On the Company Section of your bot, click on Delete Account.

Once you click on Delete account, a confirmation message will appear. Click on Delete if you are sure you want to delete the account.

We still give one last chance to think it over 😅 If you are completely sure, click on Yes, and your account will be deleted.

Refund policy


If you forgot to cancel the subscription before being charged again, you have a grace period of 3 days to cancel the subscription and ask for a refund. No exceptions will be made, and the refund will never be more than 1 month fee.


If you upgraded and decided that the new plan did not work for you, we guarantee a 7 days money-back guarantee period. This means that you can enjoy the plan you upgraded to for 7 days and then decide if it worths it according to your needs 😉

7 days period is calculated from the moment of the upgrade, and can be required only once.

Payment FAQ

Do you have any doubts about payment that were not solved in this article? Please check our Payment FAQ 😉

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