OLD BUILDER - Welcome Message without Buttons (saving first user text input)

Sometimes, we don't want to start a conversation with buttons, we want to offer the user to start the conversation with a text input, and a way to store this first input for useful reasons afterwards. As you may know the start message block, by default offers you a range of options, and a button that the user clicks.

What we are going to do, is to just ask for a name and store it in a Landbot variable called "@name"

  1. First we click on the default Welcome Message block

  1. We will delete the current button (Hi!) by clicking the bin icon

And then click APPLY

  1. Now you will see the Start Message like this:

  1. Now we will edit the text and ask for the name

  1. Now we want to store the name, so here we will add a Set A Variable block, right after the Welcome Message block

  1. Here to collect the value from the first name, and assign it to the @name variable.

The first input from the user we store it temporary in the variable "${body}", therefore to assign the value of "${body}" to the variable that we want to use after in the bot, we will set up the Set A Variable block as follows:

  1. And to show in the next message the first input from the user we will add the @name variable in the Send A Message block:

So the bot will be like this:

These scripts and how to's are not native functionalities. Landbot won't be able to support, help or guarantee these scripts and how to's. These Workarounds and How to's are for developers, as a learning and example material on how to extend or modify some of the platform limitations.  Due to platform updates, some scripts might stop working in the future.Please, note that in case of Scripts and Workaround the Custom Success Team can deliver limited support.

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