How you ask is everything. But, in order to ask anything, you need a question. Learn how to create +10 different types!

Questions are the way to collect information from your visitors. To create a Question block, drag and drop the green dot and select Questions:

Then, select the question type you're interested in. There are many, but we divide them into four big groups:

  1. Contact information: get contact information from your visitors to transform them into leads.
    1. Name 🧔
    2. Email ✉️
    3. Phone 📱
  2. Regular questions: ask for a text or a number, depending on your goal.
    1. Text 📝
    2. Number 🔢
  3. Specific questions: be more specific by delimiting the type of answers users can provide.
    1. File 📁
    2. URL 🌎
    3. Date 📅
    4. Address 📍
  4. Pre-set options: have users choosing from different pre-set options, whether they're "yes" or "no" or a set of images:
    1. Yes/No 🤼‍♀️
    2. Scale 📏
    3. Rating 👍
    4. Picture 🖼
    5. Autocomplete 🤓

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