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This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

Let's discover how the Persistent Menu block works. Stay tuned because this will take your visitors - literally - to a whole new level!

Persistent Menu - aka 'keyword jump' - allows you to set a group of keywords that will show up in your landbot and, when clicked, send visitors to a specific block or a custom URL. 

For final users, the keywords look like this:

Let's see how this block looks from the chatbot builder:

And this is what the block editor looks like:

  1. To create a persistent menu, click on Power-ups and then Persistent Menu:
    Does the Persistent Menu type block appear faded like in the image above? That means you've already created a Persistent Menu block and can't create more than one. Edit the original block and add more buttons if needed!
  2. Then, add buttons and choose:
    1. If you want them to be a word or a button (on the first image of this article you can see the difference between them  👆)
    2. If you want them to send visitors to a specific block through a Keyword Jump or to an External Link:
      If you want the Keyword Jump, link the button to the block you want visitors to be sent to. If you prefer the External Link option, just type in the URL and don't worry about the button's connection!
    3. Finally, don't forget to connect the Persisten Menu to the other nodes of your flow:

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