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Formulas - Logical

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Formulas available

  • And
  • If
  • Not
  • Or


If email contains "" AND the age is over 18

IF (ternary)

With this method, you will be able to assign one value based on a true/false condition. If is true, assign a value and if is false, another value

Check if the age is above 18, and assign text value to a variable called @check

In the formula below, you can see "if age value is greater than 18" , we will assign to the variable @check the value "Is greater" otherwise, we will assign the value in the variable @check "Is not greater"

If(IsGreater(@age,18),"Is greater","Is not greater")


Not 0

This formula is used to negate an expression and works with Boolean data type that has one of two possible values, which can be True/False or 0/1.



Barcelona OR Madrid
Or(IsEqual(@city, "Barcelona"),IsEqual(@city,"Madrid"))

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