OLD BUILDER - Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows you to hyper-personalise your final User Experience. Make sure a field exists or equals something specific and bring contextualised experiences to your visitors!

Note: Conditional Logic is only available on premium accounts.

To create a Conditional Logic block, click on Power-Ups and then Conditional Logic inside the chatbot builder:

Then, select if you want to split the flow depending on the existence (...is set...) of a field, the fact that it's equal (...equals...) to something or that the visitor's message containing a specific keyword ("the last user answer contains"). For the first two conditions, select any of the fields in the first drop-down. For keyword trigger, select "The last user answer".

If you need it, you can also add a second condition clicking on Add rule

Below two short example of how the Condition Logic works:EXAMPLE 1:  In this example we'll split the path as follows: if the field @email equals (=) sergey@google.com - aka some important pal at Alphabet - we'll ask about Google. If not, we'll just ask the name:

The green line is followed when the field (email) does equal sergey@google.com. If there's no coincidence, landbot will follow the red line!

EXAMPLE 2: In this other example, we ask users an open question and will lead them to different blocks if their response contains the keyword "pricing":

If the visitor's answer to the previous Ask a question block contains the word "pricing", the flow will continue the green line. If it doesn't, the red will be followed.  

Finally, remember that:

  • "=" means equal to ;
  • "!=" means not equal to ;
  • "contains" checks for the presence of a determinate value in a variable ;
  • "Is set" means that a certain variable "exists" for a determinate customer.  

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