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If you are interested in adding a Landbot widget in every page of your Wordpress site then check this easy to follow guide, that requires no hard coding and that you will be able to carry out all by yourself in no time.

  1. Open your Wordpress Admin Dashboard, select “Plugins” and click on “Add New”:

  1. We will install a plugin called File Manager, which will give you access to the stored files.


Once is installed, activate it.

  1. Go back to the Main dashboard, select WP File Manager, and click on WP File Manager option of the dropdown menu. This action will display all your Wordpress files.

  1. Select the wp-content folder


  1. Select the themes folder and open the folder that contains your current theme:

  1. Go to header.php file

  1. Open the header.php file with the Edit icon (An option to edit the file will display, otherwise, choose the icon to Edit)

  1. An editor will pop up. It will be used later on to paste the bot's widget code.

  1. Find the end of the head section (were the closing tag is located).

  1. Go to Landbot and copy the Live chat code.

  1. Return to Wordpress and paste the code

Now back to the Wordpress editor, we will paste the code right after the </head> tag, and press Save & Close. You can come back after to edit it, if needed.

  1. Click Save & Close

  1. All set 🙌 Your brand new widget should be displayed like in the example bellow:

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