Every member of a team has their role to play, but when creating and managing your bots, how do you set those roles? Well, look no further! Let's see all the possibilities inside the Permissions section.

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Types of Permissions

This is an overview of all the permissions that you can select for an individual teammate or for a specific group that, for example, will be performing the same tasks on a daily basis.

Individual - Platform Permissions

This permissions are meant for "Admins", the teammates who control the account completely:

Individual - Chatbots Permissions

With this permission all the bot "creators" will have access exclusively to the Builder section:

Individual - Chat with Humans Permissions

Great for customer support, giving access to Chat section, but not to the bot creation or editing

Individual - Visitor Permissions

This one is ideal for who wants to know more about the bot structure without the risk of modifying anything by "mistake" 😅

Individual - Permission Groups

Instead of setting the same permissions over and over, use this "shortcut" when you have several teammates who will access to the same sections and assignments.


Once you create a group you will be able to see it listed as below:

Create a Permission Group

The same as in the individual permissions, you can select the sections the group could access:

How to assign permissions to your teammates?

You can grant specific permissions to your teammates in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to your profile section (Avatar in bottom left corner)

  1. Select Permissions

  1. Click on the teammate that you want to assign the special permissions to:

  1. The permissions list will be displayed. Here you will be able to do 2 things: Set up individual permissions or assign an already created group:

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