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Analyze section - Metrics

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The Analyze section is all about helping you make smarter decisions based on your Landbot's performance, so it's super important to understand it correctly.

In Metrics you will find the basic information about conversion that you could use to learn from your users!

These are the filters you can apply on each section:

  1. Default range. Here you can pick between some pre-defined date ranges (day, week, month). Just click on the button and select one from the drop-down:

  1. Custom date range. Here you can select exactly "from" and "to" which specific date you want to visualize the data!

  1. Timeframe. Click on the eye icon and select whether you want to visualize the date daily or weekly:

Now, we'll go through the four different stages of the conversion funnel: Chats, Leads, Goal and Finished:

  1. Chats. Here you see the number of users that started a conversation. This means that, at least, they've interacted with the Start Message. This is the reason why you might see a higher number of visits than chats: that's normal! Divide one amount by the other and you'll get the "Visitor to chat" conversion rate!
  2. Leads. This is the number of users that provided any form of contact: email or phone. The conversion rate number is the percentage of chats (people who started the conversation) that left that piece of information.
  3. Goal.The Goal column will show the percentage of users that chose the specific path where the block is located in your flow. Here further details.
  4. Finished. Here's the number of users that reached a block that wasn't connected to any other, which usually means that they finished the conversation! You can have several endings on your bot but, as long as users reach the last block of a sequence, they'll be counted as "finished".

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