Chats Section (v2)

Welcome to the new Chat section: the place where humans and chatbots meet, redesigned.

Welcome to the your living room: the section where you can see landbot's conversations in real time, jump into them when needed, and launch landbot again when you have finished speaking with your users.

This is the new Chat's section skeleton, where you can:

  1. Go back to the Dashboard by clicking on the Home icon.
  2. Check the notifications by clicking on the Bell icon.
  3. Manage your status and log by cliking on your avatar.


Manage your conversations and filter them by assignation, status, and more:

With the Assignation filters, discover:

  1. My chats. The conversations that are assigned to you, right now.
  2. Mentions. Find the comments other teammates left for you within conversations.
  3. Unassigned. Check the conversations Landbot is taking care of.
  4. All. Display all the conversations.

Or, filter them by Status:

  1. Open. The conversations that are taking place right now, or still pending.
  2. Paused. All the snoozed chats by you and your teammates for later.
  3. Closed. Check the finished conversations here.
  4. Blocked. Annoying customers you'll never hear from again.
  5. All. View the chats from every status.

Finally, feel free to add some extra custom filters by clicking on 'more filters...':

And get to the most important chat with filters:

  1. By assignation. Check whose conversations you want to display in the section.
  2. By channel. Pick a specific landbot and check its chats.
  3. By status. As we explained above, filter the chats depending on its status.

And click on Apply to execute the filter!


Ready, set, chat: the place where everything happens, now looks like this:

  1. Top menu. Here you can check the user's name and perform the following actions:

  1. Assign the chat to someone to take care of it.
  2. Close it when the conversation is over.
  3. Snooze it until you're available or have a response.

  1. Text area
    Enter text, video, emojis, notes and launch chatbots, all from the same place!

You can click on Add note to save a message within the conversation only visible for your teammates, send files and emojis by clicking on the clip and the emoticon, and also...

And finally, add as many shortcuts as you want and use them to save time:

Type / in the text space and manage your saved reply as you reckon better!

Bot launcher!

Launch a chatbot by clicking on the new magic icon!

Then you can choose between any of the bots in your account and bring it to the chat to continue the conversation! Get leads, collect information or ask for feedback on autopilot, while you manage the rest of the conversations.

  1. User profile
    Finally, on the right side of the section you'll see the user's profile, which it's divided into four different sub-sections:

    1. User overview. Includes the user's name, the last time he/she was around the conversation and the country.
    2. Lead details. Name, email, phone and company fields that are automatically filled by landbot to help you qualify and follow up.
    3. Usage details. Usage data like browser information, OS or first contact.
    4. Variables. Custom fields that the landbot that's talking to this user collects and the values of the ones captured.

And that's pretty much it! Start team-playing with your landbots to empower your customer communication!

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