Adding your Facebook Pixel to Landbot

So you want to start with Facebook ads and Landbot – awesome. You know you can get your work in front of specific audiences, clue them into your offerings, grow your list, and even make sales.You'll need to put your Facebook Pixel in place, here is how to do it:

  1. You’ll start in the Ads Manager, which you reach by visiting (This is assuming that you already have a Facebook advertising account connected to your regular profile. If you’ve ever boosted a post or run an ad, you have this account.)
  2. Click on the button that says Create a Pixel. Give it a name like “[Your Company Name] Facebook Pixel.” Then click the Create Pixel button. 
  3. Click on Manually Install the Code Yourself
  4. Copy the entire pixel code to your Clipboard.
  5. Add your code as well from  Settings > SEO and Tracking > Custom Tracking Snippets: 

  1. Now you have to Add the events you'd like to track to your Facebook Pixel. Let's say you want to trigger a "New Lead" event every time your Landbot gets a new entry. You should create this event in your Facebook Pixel setup.*NoteDon't use this code in the start block (first Landbot block).
Be sure to check that there are no extra spaces when you paste the code, it should look like this: <script>fbq('track','Lead');</script>
  1. And paste this code in the Landbot block after the field you want to get. Let's suppose you want to drive a new event every time you get an email in your Landbot. You should create a new Code block after your email-capture-block and paste there your event code.

  1. To test that you installed the pixel correctly, install the Chrome Pixel Helper extension (it’s free!) and then visit your site.

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