OLD BUILDER - Subscription

This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

In the subscription section, you can add a payment method, download your invoices or update your billing information. Learn how.

Click Profile >  Subscription to access to it:

You'll find a resume of your account, with your plan on top and the available invoices below. Click on any invoice to download them in PDF:

If you click on Access Payment Information, you'll access the following section:

On top, you can change your Subscription Plan (by clicking on the first pink drop-down) and the Billing Cycle (second drop-down).

In the central part of the interface, you have the possibility to add/upgrade your credit card information:

On the left side, you can add a Promotional Code to enjoy an extra discount on your account:

Finally, add your personal/company information using the bottom-right form as you want it to appear in your invoices:

Join an Annual Subscription to get an additional 30% discount!

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