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Learn how to open up your very own brick panel and what you can do with it!
  1. To open the panel, click on the brick icon and select Show Panel:

  2. If this is the first time opening your panel, you'll see no bricks but a button to Create a new Brick:

  3. Click on it to add a new brick to your canvas. You'll also see a menu on the left with several options:

    1. The drop down on top: Click on it to visualize different, predefined groups of bricks, namely:

      1. All bricks of this bot: you'll see every brick on this block - if it's your first time here, you'll see only one, in the image "Brick #2" - and you'll be able to edit them by clicking on them and then on Edit:

      2. My bricks-templates: here you'll see all the pre-created Bricks available for you to add them to your account, and then to the flow:

        If you click on any, you'll see a detailed description of its functionality and will have the option to delete the template from your account or import it to your panel so you can use it on any flow:

        Once imported, it will show up under the category All bricks of this bot too.
      3. Workaround: we use this tag to categorize the bricks that contain somehow complex or technical blocks in it. The above process applies here too in case you want to add it to your flow and panel:

    2. Build a new brick button: click here to create a brick from scratch, that will be placed in the middle of the canva for you to edit it.
    3. Import a brick button: click here to open the full brick list - just like if you click on the bricks icon and then Explore - and select any of them to add it to your panel.

And that's it for the Show Panel option! If you want to learn how to create a brick, check our article Create within this very same section.

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