OLD BUILDER - Secondary Button-cards in the Start Message

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Customise your Welcome Message and greet your visitors with a more standout look using the card-button functionality! In order to activate this option you need to click on your Start Message:

A menu will open on the left side of your builder:

  1. Enable the Activate secondary button-card clicking on YES. You will be presented with an explanation and an example:
  2. Once the feature is activated click on the cog next to the button and select type emoji:
  3. Now pick an emoji and write the text of the button.

Be sure to leave a blank space before the text:

If you want to add a more interactive feel to the card, add another text between underscores which will create a "secondary" button in the card:

The formula will be: Emoji + Text + _Text2_

This is what your card will look like at the end of the process:

This feature is still in BETA mode
This will not be displayed in the Preview mode

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