OLD BUILDER - Ask a Question - An introduction

This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

What would it be a conversation without questions? In Landbot there are multiple ways of getting information from your visitors, learn more here.

Ask a Question are the second most common type of block in a Landbot, and you'll find it right below the Send a Message type:

There are three main types of questions:

  1. Open questions: Open questions allow us to store whatever the user replies to it: a number, a 100-word essay or an emoji. These are the most flexible ones and ideal if you want to get free inputs. Select TEXT to create open questions. For further information on this kind of question, click here.
  2. Specific format questions: The system will prompt visitors to enter a specific type of input (ADDRESS, IMAGE, DATE) through the interface or validate the answer (EMAIL, NUMBER). For instance, if you create an EMAIL question Landbot will make sure that email has the format "a@a.aa" and if you create a NUMBER question visitors will only be able to enter numbers. More information here.

  3. Questions with buttons: On this type of blocks, we can write a message and give the user some options in form of buttons to choose from, which will send him/her to the block we need depending on their answer. We can also set a default path - no matter what the answer is the next block is always the same - but still store their answer in our database. E.g. BUTTONS.

Once created, we just need to connect the different buttons to the block we want them to lead to. As we said before, we can also set a 'default' path the chatbot will follow no matter what the user answers:

Also, we can select if we want to send visitors to a certain URL when the button is clicked, right from the configuration menu on the left:

Finally, we can decide what alignment we need, horizontal or vertical and if we want to activate the Searchable option and the Multiple choices opportunities:

For further information on this kind of question, click here.

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