August 2019 news & updates

It's summer time ☀️ but that hasn't stopped us from preparing new and exciting things for everyone 🙌

What's new

Goals 0.1

Tired of checking what tool to use to track you bpt's custom goals? Don't know where to apply the tracking code to get the right event triggered? Then leave those problems behind and start using the new Goal block! Add this block in your flow and you will see the results directly in the Analyse section, no guides or codes needed 😱

As always we would love to hear from you and what you would like to add to the feature, so don't hesitate and send us your feedback here ◀️

Salesforce integration

One of the biggest CRMs has landed and the integration process couldn't be more easy. In a couple of clicks synchronise your Salesforce user data and all your Landbot leads.

Keyword Jump 0.1

Give your bots a more flexible flow by redirecting where you want your visitors to go with the help of a simple input. Just define your keywords as you would do with a Buttons type of question.

New feedback bot

You know that we love to hear all your suggestions, issues or ideas to helps us make Landbot greater. Look out for the new feedback bot in the Dashboard that will carefully deliver your insights straight to the source 🚀

Accessing child objects within variables

When you save an object into a variable you can now get the value of any object child into the bot.

For example:

You saved this object into the variable @Track:

"Name": "Camisa negra"
"Artist": "Juanes"
"Genre": "Pop"
"Price": "$10"

You can get the price into your bot message typing: @Track.Price And you can also setup a default value for this variable with the following format:

@{Track.Price | default: "30"}

New login/signup page with social login

All for one and one for all! Use your Google or Slack account to login and get the bot magic started 🚧

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Customise the header content of the Proactive message with the Live chat mode.
  • An issue with the Chats v2 section and the Bot launcher has been fixed → the feature was able to launch the bot, however it stopped after the user interacted with its Welcome message.
  • The zoom tool is also available when the left menu is hidden.
  • The Builder's Simple view of the left side menu now easier to use, now you will find the features grouped into four main categories.

Coming Up

  • Human takeover redesign from scratch.
  • WhatsApp bots for our new Builder.
  • Better mobile experience for landbots.
  • Dialogflow integration.
  • Filters for chats.
  • Goals 0.2

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