What is the Integrations Section?

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Performing integrations with Landbot is now even easier with the Integrations Section.

In this section you can find the list of all the supported apps and integrations we support, set up the integrations, check the error logs, and much more!

General information

To access the Integrations section, access your Dashboard, and on the left side panel click on the integrations icon:

This is how it looks like when you open it:

You can filter how these icons are displayed by selecting the option you are looking for.

It is possible to filter by Builder Apps, Builder blocks, and Customer Support Apps.

Builder Apps

In the Builder Apps subsection, you will find the Apps you can integrate with your bots using the specific blocks in the Bot Builder.

You will find there the Google Sheets block, Zapier block, Mailchimp block, Zapier block, and all the specific blocks that perform integrations with third party apps.

You can choose there if you want to show All Builder Apps, including the ones you have not tried out yet, or click on Your connected apps if you want to see just the ones you have already integrated in your Landbot Account.

Builder blocks

In the Builder blocks section you will find the blocks that perform integrations, but are not specific to one app.

You will see there the Webhook and Formulas block, for example.

Customer Support Apps

You will find in the Customer Support Apps subsection all the apps we integrate that are specific for Customer Support, like our Zendesk integration:

In here you can also choose to see All Apps, or just Your Connected Apps.

Note: To learn how to use each integration in this section, please see the specific article in our Knowledge base.

More integrations coming soon!

We are always updating our platform and working hard to offer new integrations for you ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

So if you are missing out an integration, just click on the following icon on the lower left side of your the Integrations section, and answer our bot to send your Feedback directly to our Product team ๐Ÿš€

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