OLD BUILDER - Chat Dashboard

The Chats section allows you to have an overview of the conversations with your visitors, one by one, landbot by landbot, and here's where your users can jump into the conversation.

Channels and users

On the right side of the app you'll see all your landbots (channels) and users (agents):

In the channel section, you'll find a list of your created landbot and Facebook Messenger bots, followed by a number that indicates the number of visitors that ever talked to each chatbot. 

You can click on any channel name to filter contacts from the contact list (more info below).

Below, we can see the users with a registered account. You can tell if they're connected (highlighted) or not and, in case they are, differentiate between:

  1. Available. The green dot indicates that the user is available and therefore, the auto-assignment will try to assign him/her conversations if an  Assign chat to an agent block is reached. Learn more.
  2. Busy. The red dot indicates that the user is not available, so the system will consider him/her as not connected in terms of assignment.
Remember you can change your connection status at any time by clicking on the profile icon at the top right.
Contact list

On the left of the chat section, you'll see a list of the contacts that had conversations with your landbots:

Below every contact name, you can find details on the chatbot he/she visited and the date and time of the last message exchanged.

The system will assign random names (color + animal)  to those visitors whose name hasn't been specified by either a landbot (Ask a Question > Name) or a human (Edit Customer Info).
Chat interface

You'll see the conversation interface in the middle of the app. This is the place where messages are exchanged between visitors and chatbots/human agents:

Learn more about how to chat with your visitors here.

Contact profile

Finally, we can find the detailed customer profile on the right side of the Chat section.

On the top right you'll see a drop-down where you can manage the assignation. Learn more here.

Below, the name of the visitor (if defined) and three tabs that contain different information:

  1. Info. Here you'll see all the information collected from the visitor, from personal data to custom fields, automatically filled by the chatbot he/she chatted with. You can click on  Edit Customer Info to modify personal contact fields anytime.

    There's some information automatically filled when the visitor starts the conversation, namely:
    1. Since. It indicates the time past since the visitor's first contact.
    2. IP. IP used by the visitor to enter a network and access your landbot's URL.
    3. URL. The URL from which the landbot was reached. If you have several landbots under the same domain, here you'll find information on the specific page used by the visitor to start the conversation. 
    4. Country from which the visitor is talking to our chatbot.
  2. Tickets. Here we'll find the ticket list for this specific visitor. Learn more here.
  3. Notes. Since you can't modify custom fields from your visitor's profile - only the chatbot can - you can click here to add notes with relevant information.

    Once created, regular notes will be shown in the Notes tab (see image below) and you can find highlighted ones at the bottom of the Info tab.

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