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This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

By using specific format questions, we can make sure that the answer from visitors matches a specific format, or help them match it with suggestions and other elements in the interface.

Most of these questions will launch an error message if the answer's format is not validated.  Learn more about how to configure error messages here.
  1. To create a specific format question, click on Ask a question type block and then on any of the squared options below:
  2. Now, let's go through the different types of questions one by one:
    1. Number.  This type of question is great when we want to receive a number as an answer because the system will launch an error message if the visitor's message includes something different from a number. 
    2. File.  This type of question allows visitors to upload any file as an answer, great for form-style landbots where we need to gather information form visitors.
    3. Date.  Here, users can open up a calendar to easily send date-formatted messages:
    4. Name.  Ask visitors for their name to personalize the experience using dynamic variables (@name) later!
    5. Email.  This type of question validates if the format of the answer is "x@x.xx". If not, an Error Message will be launched. 
    6. Address. In this type of question, the system will make suggestions as visitors start typing to enter a correct address.
      Bear in mind, that Google Maps Autocomplete only works, if the variable where is stored the information is called @address
    7. Phone.  Works just like the "number"  type question, but it will automatically store the answer in the field "phone". 

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