WhatsApp Blacklist 🚫

What is the Blacklist section?

Blacklist is a new section of your WhatsApp Channels.

You can access it by clicking on Channels > WhatsApp Pro, then clicking on the Blacklist tab.

Here you can track the users that blocked your WhatsApp Business number. πŸ™…

You're going to have a list of users that includes the Date and Time the user blocked your WhatsApp business number, and their Phone Number.

Why is it so important to keep an eye on your Blacklist?

First of all, you're no longer going to be able to contact these users through your WhatsApp Channel. 🚫

Also, having an idea of the number of users that blocked your number is important in order to be aware of the "health" of your Channel. 🩺

A user that blocked your number is not an unsubscribed user. They will still form part of your users list, but they will not receive your messages.
If you want to Opt-out (unsubscribe) one of your users, please get in touch with our support team!

Here you have some good practices to keep your channel healthy. We want to make sure that the number of users that will effectively receive your messages is not decreasing over time.

Good practices for keeping an "healthy" WhatsApp Channel:
  1. It's perfectly fine to want to keep your users engaged, but try not to contact them more than once in 48 hours.
  2. Try not to contact your users for purposes which are different from the service they had subscribed to.

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