How to limit dates to pick up to 90 days in advance

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Managing reservations and don't know how to restrict the period available to the public? With just a few blocks you will be able to get it done faster than you can say booked! ✓

Let's get a general glance of how the Builder should go about. These are the blocks you will need inside your flow:

  1. Start with a Date type of question were you are going to select the format you want to use:
  1. The next step would need to create a variable were we'll define the limit , in this case 90 days:
  1. Continue by adding a condition to validate the dates entered by your visitors:

  1. The final touch will depend on how you want to redirect your customer. We propose the following scenario:
  • If the date selected exceeds the 90 days, then you can redirect them to a message asking them to select again, like in a loop.
  • If the date selected complies with the period limit, then the customer will continue on the reservation process.

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