Talking with your visitors

With landbot, it's not only robots that talk to your visitors but humans too. Learn how to manage conversations from the  Chat section

You need a Professional or Business plan to talk to your visitors as a human

You'll find the conversation right in the middle of the section. On top, you have the possibility to:

  1. Add a ticket. If you have a Business Account, you'll have the possibility to add tickets by clicking on this button, transforming the app into a helpdesk.
  2. Archive the conversation. Click on the box to archive the conversation once you're done with it. Learn more about assignment mechanics.
  3. Search within the conversation. Want to retrieve the best joke a visitor every told one of your landbots?  Click on the lens and start typing to search within the conversation.

On the bottom, you'll find the text area, where you can type in any message. The buttons below will allow you to:

  1. Create a private note. Click on "Private Note"  to send an internal note right to the conversation. The visitor won't receive it but it will be there in the on
  2. Send an image. Click the image icon to open your browser and send any JPG, PNG or GIF to the chat. You can add a caption before sending it!
  3. Share a location. Click on the map and a location picker will open up on the left side of the app. Select a place by typing in the address and click Send whenever you're good to go. 
  4. Add an emoji. Add some color to your messages: click the emoji picker and select your favorite!

Finally, if you hover over any message, you'll see a star to highlight messages (highlighted messages are automatically attached to the last ticket created) bin icon that, when clicked, deletes the message:

Please note message deletion can't be undone!

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