Group Blocks into Bricks

Sometimes we need to work with more than one block at a time, here is how we can speed up processes:

How to Select a group of blocks

You can select more than one block, just by selecting it in the top left corner

How to unselect a group of blocks

In case we are done with the selection, we just need to click on NONE

Delete a group of Blocks

In case we need to delete a group of Blocks, just select as many as you want to and click Delete. Be careful! Once are deleted you cannot undo it!

Copy a group of Blocks

This is handy when you want to create another flow or repeat many blocks at once

Paste a group of Blocks

You can paste a previous copied blocks in two ways

  1. From the menu, just click in Paste and the block will be pasted in right side

  1. Right button, also handy if you paste from one brick to another level, an you cannot see the top menu

Create a brick made of selected blocks

This is the quickest way to create a brick, without the need to start from scratch. However you have to be aware of 2 things:

  • The connections (arrows) coming to the blocks will disappear, and this action cannot be undone, so you will need to reconnect the brick
  • Once the brick is created you need to create a start message from scratch

The Welcome block cannot be selected when creating a Brick made of a group of selected blocks

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