Create custom Landbot variables & formats

How to create a variable

Variables can be created in many places, but the steps are the same:

  1. Click in VARIABLES:

  1. Start writing the name of your desired variable name, once you see the CREATE button, press it:
Naming rules for Landbot Variables:
- It has to be more than 3 characters long
- Cannot be space
- Cannot use any special character

  1. Select the desired format and press CREATE:

Formats: String, Number & Date

  1. String: Variables that contain any type of text
  2. Number: Variables that contain numbers
  3. Date: Variables that contain dates

How to delete variables created (custom variable)

Maybe for some reason we don't need a variale anymore or it has the wrong name. Then the only thing you need to do is hover over the variable in the selector and click on the "trash" icon

This variable will remain in the locations where are currently placed. Please do not use this, to change the format of the variable, you will need to use a new one

FAQ & Troubleshooting:

How can I give value to a Landbot variable that I've just created?

You can give it a value with the Set A Variable block

How can I check in a condition if a variable has any value?

You can use the IS SET condition, if FALSE, is because the variable has no value

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