Stripe (v1)

for landbot (Web)

The Stripe integration allows you to generate and process payments straight from Landbot! Let'see how to use this super cool integration step by step:

  1. All blocks are grouped into different categories, the category you need to create a Stripe payment is named Integrations:  

  1. Click on Stripe and the block editor will open on your left:

  1. If this is your first time adding a Stripe payment, you'll need to integrate your Stripe account with Landbot following these steps:
  • Click on New Stripe Account to add your account:

  • Now, fill in the following information:

A: Company. Add the name of your company/project users will see when completing the payment. 

B: API Key. A code you will find on your Stripe account (

C: Secret Key. Another code you will need to link your account, also accessible from your Stripe's dashboard ( 

  1. Now, click Update Account and your Stripe account will be correctly integrated! 
  2. Done this, the block will give you some options you can customise:

A: Amount. Here you can add the amount of the payment visitors will need to make. (use points "." for decimals and commas "," for milliards). 

  • Amount FIXED: When you are planning to charge always the same amount

  • Amount VARIABLE: When amount depend on a variable. It's important that such variable is always a Number Type (not a String or Date) and the only punctuation possible is 1 comma for the cents.
    • WRONG AMOUNT: 3.000.000,50
    • CORRECT AMOUNT: 3000000,50

B: Currency. Select the currency you want your users to be billed in. 

  1. Finally, you can customise the messages sent by Landbot while generating/processing the payment by clicking Custom on the toggle:

A: Checkout optional description. Add a little description of the specific product/service they're paying for. 

B: Opening payment popup message. The message sent while the payment is being generated, aka Stripe's pop-up is loading. 

C: Closing payment popup message. The message right after the payment information has been provided and the payment confirmed.

  1. Now, you need to connect the Stripe Payment block to the following one:

  1. Finally, this is what the payment looks like from the visitor's perspective:

Now you know everything you need to start generating payments in Landbot through Stripe, take your conversations to the next level!  💸

Stripe Payments are only available on Premium Plans. 
In order to generate Stripe payments in Landbot, you need a Stripe account. Get yours here.

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