This article corresponds to the V2 (Classic) of the app. You can check the equivalent for the new version V3 (Bricks) here

The General sub-section of your Landbot' Settings is where you manage and supervise your Bot basic organisation.

Here we can perform basic actions like:

  1. Naming your Bot for internal uses (it will be only visible to you);
  2. Swithcing off Landbot.io branding: you can use this feature to remove the Create your Landbot from the bottom of your Landbots. Remember that you can unblock this feature and remove branding only in Professional and Business accounts. Learn more about our plans in the Subscription Section of the app.
  3. Second Visit Management: this feature allows you to decide how the bot will behave in case of returning users. You can select the option that you think fits better your needs:
    • Provide buttons to let the user to decide if continuing the conversation from where he/she left it the last time or starting it over;
    • Always continuing the conversation from where it was left last time;
    • Always start a new conversation.
  4. Disable Landbot: decide if you want to disable your Landbot; obviously, you can reactivate it whenever you want. Remember that it will not make disappear the Bot from your website, the bot will be just inactive.
  5. Delete Landbot: this feature allows you to definitely eliminate your Landbot. 

Finally, always remember to click on Apply changes and Save!

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