Dynamic Data (Arrays)

Feature available for Professional and Business Plan accounts. What can I do with the Dynamic Data Block? Sometimes we need to display a list of items not static that can change with time and be upda…

Pau Sanchez
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Send an Email

For Landbot (Web). You want to get your leads in real time? Or want to send a confirmation to your customers? Now you can do both with the new and improved Send an Email block 📧 Start by scrolling do…

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Learn how to integrate Landbot with +1,000 apps using Zapier. For a step-by-step guide on how to configure a Zapier Integration block in the builder , click here.. What is Zapier? In short, Zapier is…

Pau Sanchez
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Zapier II

for landbot (Web). IMPORTANT! Checklist to be done before create a Zapier Integration. Make sure you have a Zappier account, and login in a different tab. If you have it already, open in another tab…

Pau Sanchez
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for landbot (Web). Learn how to integrate this best-in-class email automation tool with your Landbot, all from the builder with our brand-new native integration. You need a MailChimp account to integ…

Ilaria Scuotto
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Slack Notification

for landbot (Web). Send notifications to your Slack channels so you and your team can keep up with your leads! First, search for the Integrations type of blocks and select the Slack notification. Aft…

Pau Sanchez
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Google Sheets (Insert, Update and Get data)

Note : available on Professional and Business plans. Google Sheets integration. Check out this article to learn how to configure our Google Sheet integration and perform complex actions without a sin…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 10 months ago by Rafaela Basso

Salesforce (Add leads)

Feature available for Business Plan accounts. You can upload your Landbot leads data to your Salesforce account to make the most of your sales funnel. How to add and set up the Salesforce integration…

Pau Sanchez
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Integrations > Dialogflow Block

Feature only available for Professional and Enterprise accounts. for landbot (Web). Dialogflow block allows you to use Google's powerful Dialogflow Natural Language Processing engine. Among many thin…

Pau Sanchez
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Stripe integration (v2)

Stripe integration allows you to accept one-time payments straight from Landbot! The new version is SCA-ready.

Rafaela Basso
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Webhook block lets your bot perform RESTful operations with external API, servers, or webhooks.

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