Landbot system Variables

Landbot has its own variable system. The bot will save each and every data collected by the bot in a variable. Apart from the case of the Welcome Message variable name, all the other variable names a…

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Javascript in Landbot v2

This is a legacy document. In case you are using Landbot v3, please check this article. Landbot variable => Javascript variable. Let's say you want to print on console a name that you asked in the bo…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 2 months ago by Pau Sanchez

Send variables from your page (the container site) to your embedded Landbot

This article is for Landbot v2 (legacy) in case you want for Landbot v3 please check this article. We might want to send variables from our site to the bot to continue the conversation, or keep track…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 6 months ago by Pau Sanchez

Create custom Landbot variables & formats

How to create a variable. Variables can be created in many places, but the steps are the same: Click in VARIABLES: Start writing the name of your desired variable name, once you see the CREATE button…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 1 year ago by Pau Sanchez