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Stripe integration block (v2)

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Note: Stripe Payments are only available on Premium Plans. 

The Stripe integration allows you to accept one-time payments straight from Landbot. It is SCA-ready and supports 3D Secure within the bot.

How to set up the Stripe block?

Please follow the steps in this article to see how to set it up:

  1. Choose the Stripe block under the Integrations group.

  1. Click on Stripe, and the block editor will open on the left side of your screen.

  1. Add a Stripe Account: If this is your first time adding a Stripe payment, you'll need to integrate your Stripe account.
Tip: If you don't have a Stripe account, click here to sign up for one.

Click on New Stripe Account.

Now, fill in the block with the following information:

  • Click Update Account, and your Stripe account will be integrated! 

  1. Once you've set up a Stripe account, you will be given few options to customize this block:
  • Amount: the amount users have to pay. The Price can be either:

FIXED – when you plan on charging the same amount every time.

VARIABLE – when amount is a variable. It's important that such variable is always in the Number format (not String or Date).

Note: Please make sure to use points "." for decimals.

  • Currency – the currency you want your users to be billed in.
  • Message – a message to users right above the payment form.

Please see in the images below to see how the block looks like from user's perspective.

Final view in Landbot 2:

Final view in Landbot 3 🚀:

USER'S EMAIL ADDRESS: As you can see, the Stripe block asks for the user' email. This email will be sent directly to your Stripe account, to register the payment under that email address.

If you need to capture the User's email for other uses, please use the Question: Email block.
  1. Finally, set up conversation flows following the Stripe block. There are few possible outcomes:
  • Success – the payment successfully goes through. We recommend that you follow up with a success message and a confirmation email (with Send a Email block).

  • Failed (card errors) – the payment did not go through due to reasons like insufficient fund, authentication failure...etc. Most of these failures are handled by Stripe automatically, and Users will be given a reason right below the payment form.

  • Failed (other errors) – exceptional errors not handled by Stripe.

The Failed flow you manually set up will only be triggered when this type of error occurs. In such case, we recommend that offer the user a way to retry and/or contact support (with Human Takeover block), for example:

Now you know everything you need to start accepting payments in Landbot through Stripe. Time to take your conversations to the next level!  💸

FAQ and Troubleshooting

I am not being able to test my live bot with a test card

To test a live bot, you can use an active credit card, and test with any value (like 1€ , for example). In this case, you will be charged in your credit card.

You can use one of Stripe's test cards too, but for that you must use the Secret Key for testing, provided in your Stripe account. To find more information about this, please check out the Stripe page.

Can I set up a Recurring Payment with the Stripe block?

It is not possible to set up a recurrent payment inside the bot, the Stripe block allows just one-time-payments.

Can I change the text that appears in the button "PAY" in the Stripe block?

It is possible to customise the text that appears in the button to pay

Channel Type compatibility

for Web

This feature is fully compatible.

for Whatsapp

This feature is not compatible with Whatsapp.

for Messenger

This feature is not compatible with Messenger.

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