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WhatsApp Testing

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It's possible to test your WhatsApp bot, before having your brand and number approved, with the WhatsApp testing feature!

WhatsApp Testing

The WhatsApp Testing feature allows you to experience what the official API integration feels like from the final user perspective.

The WhatsApp Testing channels work in one direction only, which means only the phone number you connect to it will be able to send and receive messages from the Testing channel.

How to add your number to the WhatsApp Testing channel

To add your number and test your bot please go to your bot builder

  • Click on Test this bot:

  • Click on Add number if you don't already have your number added:
  • Now choose the country code on the drop-down menu and write the phone number:
  • When you're done, click on Add Number & Test:
  • Now you should have received a WhatsApp message to your phone number where you will click on ''Ok, let's test'' to trigger the bot

And now you can test the flow of your bot!

IMPORTANT: You can only have 1 WhatsApp Testing channel per phone number.

If you already have a WhatsApp Testing channel connected to your number on a different account, you won't be able to create a second one, and you'll see a message saying that "this number already exists"!

If you want to use the same number again, please delete the existing channel.

Contact our team in case it's not possible for you to access and delete the previous WhatsApp Testing channel.
How to change the bot I want to test
  1. Go to the builder of the new bot you want to test
  2. Follow the steps described above
  3. Now you will receive again a message to test this bot in your WhatsApp phone number!
The WhatsApp Testing channel

You will find the WhatsApp Testing Channel inside the WhatsApp channel itself.

  • Just click on the WhatsApp icon on the left sidebar
  • Click on the channel called Number for test campaigns with phone number +34 602 25 62 48

You'll find these 3 options on the menu: Audiences, Campaigns and Message Templates


In the Audiences section you will find a list of all the numbers you have added to test your bots. The maximum of numbers allowed is 10 so you won't be able to add more than that.

How to import contacts to your WhatsApp Testing channel
  1. Click on Import contacts
  2. Add each phone number with the + symbol and country code and use a comma (,) to separete the numbers
  1. Check the box that declares you have the contacts opt-ins
  2. Then click on Import
How to delete numbers from your WhatsApp Testing channel
  1. Inside the Audience section, select the phone number by clicking on the box
  1. Click on the trash can icon
  1. Confirm and delete


In this section you'll be able to send the pre-approved message templates to all the 10 numbers you have added to your testing channel to see the look and feel of them from an end-user perspective.

For more information about how to send Campaigns, please click here.

Message Templates

On the WhatsApp Business API solution, you are able to send proactive messages to your clients.

The Message Templates section in the testing environment has 3 pre-approved message templates for you to use.

You will not be able to request any templates while testing the bot, but once you have upgraded to our WhatsApp subscription you will.

To find out more about Message Templates and how they work, click here.

Next steps after Testing

If, once you've completed your testing and you'd like to try the full integration, please check how to do so in this article.

Important: For security reasons, the chats generated with the Testing Channels cannot be displayed in the Inbox section and an error will pop up if you try to open a Testing Channel chat in that section.

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