Bricks Workarounds (ready to use)

The following is an ongoing list of our own bricks that we have made public to be shared with everyone πŸ™Œ Each covers different use cases that you will be able to adapt to your own bots, so check them all and start playing around with them, amazing things can happen 😎

We have marked some templates as Advanced due to their complexity. They have been created as options for cases on which there's not a native solution or functionality. Landbot won't be able to support, help or guarantee an optimal performance if you or someone from your team does not have some IT knowledge. This workarounds are meant for developers, as a learning and example material on how to extend or modify some of the platform limitations.Β Due to platform updates, some scripts might stop working in the future.

Business Open/Closed v1

Worried that you might loose leads when you are not around? Not after checking this brick! Redirect your flow based on your working hours depending on the timetable, special dates, holidays/closed days and timezone location.

Date selected is

This brick returns the day of the weeks based on a date selected in the calendar

Phone Country Codes Validator 0.1

This bricks displays a list of world countries, a phone input and validates the format of the phone. It returns the phone in e164 format. It doesn't check if the phone is real or not, just the format.

Webhook - Status Response v0.1

A ready to use and brick to save the response status

CMS Google Spreadsheet v0.1

Example on how to use Google Spreadsheet as content management system. Whereas in Landbot we set up "placeholders" with variables, with the content coming and being edited in a Google Spreadsheet. More information about this here

Google Analytics - Events v0.1

Code ready to track events with Google Analytics when Landbot is embedded. Please change names according to your need

Validate Email v0.1

Check if an email is valid (via API with mailboxlayer)

Google Maps & API info v0.2 ⚠️ Advanced ⚠️

Brick to help you get as much information as possible from an address to fill your CRM. You need a google maps api key.

Calendar - Disable Days v0.1

Disable days from the date picker so your visitors can select the specific days you are interested in, very handy when you want to manage reservations πŸ˜‰

Validate Phone Number v0.1

Check if a phone number is valid according to a specific country (via API with numverify)

Airtable - Dynamic Data Filter

Display a desired value depending on the choices selected from your visitors, which is in this case it will be a Price based on the Product and Color of an item. A Table created in Airtable is used as a simple database that will contain all the possible values for each element.

Calendly v0.1

Want to give your visitors the possibility to book an appointment? Easy with this brick 😎 Link your Calendly account and prepare your agenda!

Chat Agents online/offline v 0.1

Redirect your visitors straight to an agent when they are available. If nobody is online, no problem! You can send them in a different path.

Age calculator

Recommended brick when asking for visitors personal information, based on the response given in the Date type of question, you will be able to obtain their age.

Multiple Choices Calculator

Create as many combinations as you want with this multiple choice flow, perfect for calculating budgets πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’² If each service or item has it's own price, then visitors will be able to select as many options as they need, at the end they will get the total amount of all they selected.

Flow Random

Generate random paths each time the visitors go thru the same bot, with just a few conditions you will be able to create multiple flows with just one bot. Can you imagine all the possibilities? 😱

CTA from user input variables

Generate a CTA with a dynamic link depending on the user's choices, think search engine meets the Buttons type of question β˜‘οΈ


Looking to create quizzes to test your visitors knowledge? With this mini quiz brick and little customisation you will be able to keep a score and store this result in a variable.

Hubspot - Form

Sending information to Hubspot was never this fast! Don't let the tech part scare you, once you adapt it you will be able to get the forms data in no time βŒ›οΈ

Change avatar 0.4

Want to display different avatars unexpectedly? Just by calling a variable change the image with the blink of a eye πŸ˜‰

Math operations v0.1

Here is a set of simple and a bit more complex operations that you can do between variables inside Landbot, you can use it as starting point

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