How to set up Multiple Choice questions

Want to allow your users to choose more than one option at the same time, using a Multiple choice buttons?

The Multiple choice option is available inside the Buttons block, but the block behaves a bit differently when this options is enabled.

For Landbot

Multiple choice setup - Buttons block

It is possible to add the Multiple choices option in the Buttons block.

Final view in Landbot 2:

Final view in Landbot 3:

To do so, click on the 3 dots on the upper right side of the block to open the Advanced buttons editor, enable the toggle "Multiple Choice", and save the changes in the block before returning to the main flow.

Multiple Choice Output

Connect the Default output to the next block to make sure that the bot flow will continue correctly. Check out this article to read more about the Default output and use it correctly.

Variables in the Multiple Choice option

Using the Multiple choice option, the variables will always be saved in the String format.

All the options chosen by the user will be saved inside one only variable in the block, separated by a comma ( , )

Compatibility of Multiple choice with other features in Buttons block

Please keep in mind that when you choose the Multiple Choice block, some of the features available in the Buttons block are not compatible with this option, as follows:

Not Compatible ❌

Compatible ✅


Searchable option


Vertical and Horizontal display




(You can manually add the emoji to the button itself, but not choose it from the list)


Limit how many options the user can choose from

It is not possible to natively make this limitation.

But you can work around this using the Formulas block. Please check out in this article to learn how to achieve this.

Warning: If you are not familiar with the Formulas Block, we advise you to read our Guide about the Formulas block before proceeding with the workaround.

Displaying Multiple Images (Message block + Multiple choice)

Want to allow the user to choose many pictures at the same time, even if this option is not compatible with the Multiple choice option?

There is a simple way to work around this, using the Media from the Message block, and the Multiple choice option in the Buttons block.

  1. Add a Message block with the text and images you want to display.
  2. Use a Buttons block with the Multiple choice option, allowing the user to choose the name of the pictures all at once.

You will be able to access the choices of the user in the variable saved in the Buttons block.

This is how it will be displayed to the user:

Final view in Landbot 2:

Final view in Landbot 3:

For Whatsapp and Messenger

The Multiple Choice option is currently not available for Whatsapp and Messenger bots.

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