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Landbot system Variables

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Landbot has its own variable system. The bot will save each and every data collected by the bot in a variable.

Note: Apart from the case of the Welcome Message variable name, all the other variable names are editable.

You can use the variables to recall data and pipe it into a new block:

And most importantly to study the information collected in the Analyze section of the builder:

Let's discover now what kind of variables are available on Landbot:

Lead Data variables

  1. ID [Number]: By default, it's a unique id number set up by the system. (example: ย 8029448);
Note: it will remain the same ID if you have activated the Second visit to Always continue the conversation or Provide Buttons to start again or continue
  1. Name [String]: By default it's the #Visitor & the id variables (example: Visitor #8029448);
  2. Email [String]: empty by default;
  3. Company [String]: empty by default;
  4. Phone [String]: empty by default.

Usage Details variables

  1. Last seen [Date]: Last time the visitor id has been seen by the bot, format YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2019-03-06);
  2. Created [Date]: When the visitor id was created, format YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2019-03-06);
  3. Url [String]: It is the Url where the bot is located (example:;
  4. Browser [String]: If detected;
  5. Device [String]: If detected;
  6. OS [String]: if detected;
  7. Country [String]: If detected (example: Italy).

Time Reference variables

Dates are based on Central European Time / European Central Timeย (Standard Time) CET.

  1. Yesterday [Date]: format YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2019-03-05);
  2. Today [Date]: format YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2019-03-06);
  3. Tomorrow [Date]: format YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2019-03-07).
Lock = System Variables that can be overwritten by Landbot.

Custom variables

  1. Welcome [String]: Welcome variable stores the input from the visitor in the welcome message (example: Hello!).
You can find more information about how to reset the @welcome variable in ourย Variables in Landbot - Getting started article.

For Web

  • The variables: @country, @browser, @device, and @os will be collected by default:

For WhatsApp

  • The variables @name and @phone will be collected by default, however, the variable @name will save the name that the user has in his WhatsApp, not their real name.

  • The variables @browser, @device, and @os will not be collected by default.

For Facebook Messenger

  • The variables @name, @phone, @browser, @device, and @os will not be collected by default.

Extra information for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger bots

You can capture and use the first user's interaction (input) in WhatsApp/ Facebook Messenger deleting Adding a Set variable in the Start here:

Doing this, you will store the first message sent by the user, which will be available in the variable @init in case you need to access or use it later.

You can find more information in this article.

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