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WhatsApp - Get user out of error message loop

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Sometimes a user might get "stucked" in a question without being able to exit, or might return after few days, and realises that after saying "Hi", the bot is still in the last question he/she did stop last time.

Here is a way to let the user "scape" and be redirected to the beginning of the bot safely.

We will use this flow as an example, but you can adapt it to your needs:

  1. The Start

This is not mandatory, but using a Set Variable to capture the first text that the user types, and store it in a variable, give us more freedom to add after conditions. Is highly recommeded

  1. Then we have our flow:

As you might notice we use Keyword Options instead of Buttons:

Keyword Options is a better option instead of the buttons, specially for Whatsapp. And to use this approach you cannot use buttons.

For more information about the Keyword Options please check this article

  1. Global Keywords

Now we will use the Global Keywords block. It will connect a specific "keyword" to the beginning of the bot. That way when the user types the keyword the user will stop being "blocked", and will restart the bot

In this example when the user types "restart", no matter where the user is located in the flow, it will be redirected to the start of the bot.

For more information about Global Keywords, please check this article

  1. Custom System Messages

Now, from the Settings > Custom System Messages, we need to activate "Make each question validation error customizable"

  1. Customize with keyword validation error messages

As is displayed below, first we need to activate in every user input block, the validation error:

Then add a sentence that will guide the user to use the desired keyword. In this case we are using "restart"

And now we can see the result of how typing "restart" the flow of the bot starts from the beginning:

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WhatsApp - How to direct a user through a different bot flow on their second visit