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Audiences is a sub-section of WhatsApp Business, and will only be active if you have an official WhatsApp Business API integration.

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Once you have an active WhatsApp Business channel, you'll have access to theΒ AudiencesΒ section:

Audiences, a new way of grouping your users πŸ—‚

Using Audiences you can create a group of users in three new ways:

  • Uploading a CSV file with the contacts you want to include in this group
  • Adding them manually
  • Filtering by variables of name or date of creation
Note that these users need to be Opted-in (subscribed). Please check the full process here.

Your Audiences section will be in the same menu where you'll find all the WhatsApp channel features.

How to create an Audience:

Click in New Audience:

A form-like pop-up will appear, where you'll be able to fill in the following details:

  • Audience name:

Give a custom name to this Audience to identify it easily.

  • Upload subscribers:

Here you'll find two new ways to upload your contacts

  1. Using a CSV file:
    Upload a CSV file with the opt-in users' telephone numbers.

Note the requirements for this file:

At the moment, the CSV file can only have one column filled with the user's phones in international code (+34123456789). Extra rows data will not be filled.
  1. Add numbers manually, separating them with a comma:
  1. Variables and date of creation filter:
    Add conditions based on time and on users’ variables to filter the audience.
Make sure you checkmark to confirm the contacts uploaded have opted-in. Check the full process here.

Once you've filled all the details click ion the create an audience button and done!

Manage your audience

You'll find all your audiences listed with a last edited timestamp and the number of subscribers in it:

Selecting an audience displays details:

You'll be able to:

  • Remove numbers from the list, you can select a single one or by bulk
  • Add more subscribers to the audience
Add Audience to your Campaign

Find all the details on how to add an audience to your campaign here.

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